Brian Easton Kirkpatrick
Engineer Extraordinaire!
Teaching Experience
Lectures and Interviews
Summer 2020 to Summer 2021
"Creatives" Brownbag Series
Internal corporate brownbag series given to engineering colleagues to focus on development of "creative" skills in conjunction with their technical abilities. Specific topics included rhetoric and briefing; 2d graphic design; 3d modeling; technical writing; organizational psychology; and more!
Summer 2014
Algorithms and the Internet of Things
"We have all heard the word 'algorithm' and we have even heard the concepts 'machine learning' and the 'Internet of Things' whispered among lanky hipsters during their numerous coffee house conversations. But can we trust them?

"Although we here at Tech Gen Mag are no haters of any social group, we have got the experts and the scoop on all things tech, and if you want to impress your friends, or perhaps just expand your knowledge, then be sure to check out this episode where host Kristian Markus sits down with aerospace engineer Brian Kirkpatrick to discuss the history, impact and future of algorithms, among other fascinating subjects like machine learning and the Internet of Things.

"Mr. Kirkpatrick is in the biz, and his run-down of the origin and function of modern day algorithms offers an accessible and thorough break-down providing several key insights on how they affect almost everything we do on the internet and beyond."

Take a listen, spread the word, and enjoy!
Fall 2013
Lay in a Course!
A Mudd introduction to astrodynamics, orbit determination, and trajectory control
Instructed by Myself
Harvey Mudd College Engineering Seminar
Seminar Video (starts at ~18 minutes)
Classes Taught
Summer 2012 to
Summer 2013
Brownbag Lecture Series
A lunchtime lecture series on a diverse array of engineering topics
Organized (and Occasionally Given) by Myself
TASC, Inc. (El Segundo Office)
Topics include software engineering, risk management, cryptology, systems engineering, certifications, and many others
Fall 2006 to
Spring 2007
Film Music
Text: Film Music: A Neglected Art, by Roy Pendergast
Instructed by Myself
Harvey Mudd College Humanities and Social Science Department
Summer 2009
High School Physics
Guest speaker and class material author
Animo Leadership Charter High School
Inglewood, California, 90301
Classes Taken
Winter 2009
Teaching Computer Science
Instructed by Professor Clint Staley
Cal Poly Computer Science Department
Winter 2009
California Basic Education Skills Test
Passed, with a Total Score of 188
Reading: 65, Math: 60, Writing: 63
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